March 18, 2013

IE10: ImageButton PageRequestManagerServerErrorException

And behold the puzzling cryptic error message above, kindly displayed by Internet Explorer 10 when viewing a page from an application which is flawlessly displayed in any other browser....
Yes, including IE9 and below?!?!

They dit it again...

The boys at Redmond kept me busy for an hour or so! To make a long story short: IE10 has a problem with ImageButtons. Only God knows why, but somebody decided the image button click post back location values should change from integer to decimal and somehow jQuery doesn't agree with that.

Now what?

Roaming the web I've found numerous references to this issue and some fixes. One of them was updating the .Net framework version to 4.5 of the clients another 'fix' suggested to replace the image buttons with another control all together..
Both were not an option. After some more extensive search I've found the best solution (imho):

By forcing IE9 compatibility the problem was fixed. Adding the X-UA-Compatible tag to the master page the problem was solved and all things works as designed....

Don't you love wild goose chases once in a while?

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